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Renewable Energy

Live certificate data for ROCs, REGOs, GOs and more. Sliced and diced the way you want.

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Mapping the UK's Renewable Energy Certificates


See REGOs/ROs change hands in real-time.*

Chart how and when energy companies bought, sold and retired their REGOs/ROs.

View all Issued and Retired certificates by Supplier or Technology Type.

See the location, output and capacity factor per Generator.

Map all upcoming Renewable Energy projects from Planning Permission to Operation.

All on one clean, intuitive dashboard.

Create interactive charts at the touch of a button.

*updated daily.

Why Choose Holborn Green Data

One Click Analysis

Stop messing around with huge spreadsheets and focus on the analysis. See the data you want in minutes, not hours.


Accurate Data

We do the hard work of data-cleaning so you don't have to. All our data is direct from official sources and quality checked for errors and omissions.

Mobile Friendly

Analyse the renewable energy mix on the go. All dashboards are mobile friendly, so you never miss a beat.



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How do I sign up?

Please visit our Pricing page.

Where is your data from?

We grab data from a range of sources, both public and private. Our data team then thoroughly checks for errors before uploading it to the platform.

Will you add more products?

We have started with REGOs/ROs but will soon be adding GoOs from Europe and RECs from the US and the rest of the world. For additional products (eg. Carbon) please contact

How can I speak to someone?

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